C4D Woo Ajax Filter


C4D Woo Ajax Filter lets you apply the filters you need to display the correct WooCommerce variations of the products you are looking for. Choose among color, label, list and dropdown and your WooCommerce filtering search will display those specific products that suit perfectly your needs.

An extremely helpful WooCommerce plugin to help customers find what they really want. All this can be done in a quick and very intuitive way that will certainly help your WooCommerce store improve in quality and usability.


How and when can i download product?

When you purchase a product, an email will be sent to your Paypal address. Click on the download link in the email to download the product.
Otherwise, you can login to your account on our site to download product

What is the license of product?

All plugins are released under GNU General Public License version 2+.

What happens when my order expires?

Once your subscription expires, you will not be able to download, get updates or create new posts to get premium support.


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Why should you use?


Increasing User Experience

Help your customers find the right product at first glance and in a click

Fastest & Lightweight WordPress Plugin

Plugin is created by great technique. Plugin works well on mobile desktop & devices with great performance.

Plugin Ready, SEO Friendly, and Optimized for UX

WordPress plugin is completely responsive and mobile-friendly out of the box. Not only that, we optimized it for SEO to give you maximum boost in search results.

Easy to Custom and Adapt to Your Needs

With flexible admin area, you can easy to set/change the plugin options to create the perfect site.

Let ask some of our customers

Francis B. Avelar
This is the best slider module I have ever seen. I’m a fulltime web developer and this module help me save a lot of time. I want to thank you for your hard work
George R. Reeder
It is hard to choose main reason to write review. This is by far the best slider Joomla module I’ve ever seen. Complete, easy to use, fast, lightweight.
Alice K. Stallcup
One of the best Joomla slider i’ve ever worked with. I could use it for almost clients with the endless possibilities
Robert S. Wellman

C4D Carousel Slider is an easy to use Joomla module with rich settings. The settings are easy to use, easy to find and powerful.

Jennifer G. Walker
This module has everything needed for built a modern slider. Easy to use and modify the code.


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’
  2. Search for ‘woo ajax filter’
  3. Activate plugin from your Plugins page.


From WordPress.org

  1. Download Woo Countdown Sale Product.
  2. Upload the ‘woo-ajax-filter’ directory to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, using your favorite method (ftp, sftp, scp, etc…)
  3. Activate plugin from your Plugins page.

How to use

Default Widget of Woocommerce

Plugin supports default widgets of Woocommerce. When you insert that widgets, them are tuned into Ajax function

List Shortcode

Plugin provides some shortcodes, so you can easy to built your filter layout

  • [nwaf] : display HTML layout you defined in plugin manager
  • [nwaf_soft]: display sorting filter
  • [nwaf_price]: display price filter
  • [nwaf_taxonomy tax=”attribue name”]: display attribute filter
  • [nwaf_rating]: display rating filter
  • [nwaf_clear]: display clear button