Getting Started

Thank you for purchasing our plugin, We’ve put in lots of love in developing this WordPress plugin and are excited that you’ve chosen this plugin for your website. We hope you find it easy to use our plugin. This documentation guides you through the main features of the plugin and guides you how to use and customize plugin.

Although every effort has been made to ensure the plugin is bug free and easy to use there is always a chance errors may occur. If you find a problem please notify us immediately through our help center so we can ensure it gets fixed as quickly as possible.

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Requirements & WordPress set up

You need to have a WordPress installation on your web-site to use our plugin.

General steps to install WordPress CMS to your site

  1. Download the latest WordPress version from
  2. Upload zip file to your web-site root folder and unzip
  3. Create database (using your hosting panel)
  4. Set up wordpress. Detailed instructions

Here the list of useful links to install WordPress CMS

  1. How to install WordPress
  3. Installation guide

Recommended PHP Configuration Limits

Sometimes you may get some errors while installing our theme, importing content or activating plugins like white screen or PHP errors. They may be caused by low PHP configurations limits. In this case you need to increase some values. You can do this by your own or contact your hosting providers with the following requrements:

  1. memory_limit 128M
  2. post_max_size 32M
  3. upload_max_filesize 32M

Download Plugin

Installing the plugin can be done in some ways. You can find plugin in Plugin Manager or upload the plugin ZIP file using the built in WordPress plugin upload, or copy the files through an FTP client.

Using WordPress Plugin Upload

  1. Download Plugin Here
  2. Login your WordPress admin
  3. In the Plugins -> Add New menu click the tab Upload Plugin
  4. Choose the file that you downloaded then click Install Now

  5. Then Active plugin

Using WordPress Plugin Search

  1. Login your WordPress Admin
  2. In the Plugins -> Add New menu search by keyword "c4d shoppable images"
  3. Click Install Now then Active plugin

Uploading by FTP

  1. Login to your FTP server and navigate to your WordPress themes directory.
  2. Normally this would be wp-content/plugins
  3. Download Plugin Here
  4. Extract the files from the zipped plugin.
  5. Copy the folder c4d-shoppable-images to your plugins directory.
  6. After the files finish uploading, login to your WordPress admin.
  7. In the Plugins menu click Installed Plugins
  8. Click Activate for the plugin

Premium Plugin

  1. Backup your site first
  2. Login your account and download premium version -> Your Account
  3. Deactive current free version
  4. Delete or Rename Free version
  5. Using WordPress Plugin Upload to install premium version

Create Collection

Add Banner

  1. Go to WordPress admin -> Shoppable Image -> New to create new collection

Add Product

  1. After add banner, please choose the product for this banner by click Add Product button
  2. Type the product name to find products
  3. Click Add button to select product to banner
  4. Change to other banner by click other image in banner section.

Change Setting

  1. You can change setting for this collection

Get Shortcode

  1. After save the collection, you can copy collection shortcode to use in page/post/widget/pagebuilder

Update Plugin

Premium Version

Before updating we suggest you to do a back up (save the copy of all your files) and make sure that you are using the latest version of WordPress, WooCommerce and other plugins.

To update our theme you need to download the latest version, rename or delete your current plugin folder and Upload it from the admin panel or FTP client.

Free Version

Just click update in WordPress Dasboard when you see a notice about new version of plugin


Our plugin is ready for translation with Poedit. POT file in languages folder and translate strings with Loco Translate plugin

Or you can use WPML plugin, this tool is completely supported by our plugin.

Still no luck? We can help!

Contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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