Woocommerce Boost Sales – Upsells Cross-Sells

Allow to display upsells/cross-sells products on single product page or anywhere on website. Increase revenue as well as profitability for your website, stores.
Depending on upsells, cross-sells setting when you create product. Plugin allows you display related products in other places.
If you do not set upsells, cross-sells in product, plugin will auto get related products in sample category or tag of main product to create the related products.
In case, you do not want to get related products in same category/tag, plugin allows you set set categories/tags instead of choosing products for upsells/cross-sells.
And if you do not want to open each products to update the upsells/ cross-sells setting, you only need to update the category or tag. Plugin allows you create upsells/cross-sells setting when create/update category and tag.
So product will display related products depends on category/tag settings.


Display on Single product.
Display on Cart Page
Display on Mini Cart
Upsell & Cross-Sells for category
Upsell & Cross-Sells for tag
Custom slogan/description for promotions.
Display on Thankyou page
Display on Email: Complete Order
Display on Email: Process Order
Display on Email: Customer Note
Sort products by id, title, price, popular
Custom slogan/description for order/email page.



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